I live in a state that heavily penalizes women, through decreased access to healthcare and deeply terrible labor laws. Dozens of universities are currently being investigated for failing to deal with sexual assault on campus. Harassment and sexism is still a huge problem in science, in academia, and in the world. It only gets better if we fix it, y’all.


When I was young and working in the basement of the UCSC astronomy department, a wise computer guy told me to learn python. 15 year old me was kind of a cocky jerk, and did not. Grown up me thinks that snot faced kid has some explaining to do.

Be smarter than 15 year old me. Go learn python.


Racism is a huge looming problem in our society, and astronomy does not get to opt out of that. We have been working, as a field, to address some of the most glaring issues.

I’m starting an anti-racism challenge HERE. Resources for those interested in doing their own anti-racist/ending white supremacy work can be found HERE.


I have two kids, who we document for long distance family (and others who are easily entertained).